Tech Tour - Food & Bioeconomy

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Tech Tour - Food & Bioeconomy
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Tech Tour - Food & Bioeconomy
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Meet 45+ game-changers in Food & Bioeconomy

27 October 2021 at Agro Food Park, Aarhus, Denmark*

*if health and travel conditions permit

  • Investment and partnership around 30 selected emerging companies
  • Food&Bio innovation:
    • Agro & Biotech 
    • Food products and Nutrition
    • Ingredients & Proteins
    • Bioenergy
    • Biopharma & Biochemistry
    • Waste Management & Circular Economy
  • Emerging phase: companies seeking seed, series A investments phase looking to refine their strategies, secure investment, and are interested in new opportunities and approaches
  • Selection or invitation-only for the best entrepreneurs and most active investors, corporations and governmental experts

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