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This is a two-step application process. You can save your progress after the first step and return to submit further information later on (make sure to click on the SAVE button in the lower right corner).

Step 1: Provide information about yourself and your team and describe your business in more detail.

Step 2: Fill in a self-assessment form to receive your scores in several key areas.


What will you need to complete this application?

  • Basic information on your management team (the CV of your company’s CEO and their profile picture).
  • Your company’s logo and social media accounts.
  • Basic information on your product, competitive position, value proposition, and revenue model (will be kept confidential).
  • Pitch deck.
  • You will be asked to fill in a self-assessment to rank your company from 1-10 in aspects like management, product, competition, and others.

What if you don't have all the information?

  1. Provide the information you have.
  2. Perform the self-assessment honestly.
  3. Submit your application! This way it will be screened by our experts and you will benefit from our support programme.