Whether you are a SME or a cluster, we offer a set of tailored services that have been carefully selected to meet your needs in relation to improving your investment readiness for your bio-based industry projects. Click below to discover how we can help you succeed.
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Services for SMEs

Services for SMEs

Business support programme
Ready to be ready? The Business Support Program includes services selected to meet the needs of the participants such as:
  • Pitching competitions
    Pitching competitions
    Regional competitions will be arranged to connect SMEs and investors. The best SME projects will be invited to pitch at one of the annual European final events.
  • E-learning
    Through our e-learning platform, SMEs will be offered online courses and training materials.
  • Coaching
    Coaching services will be offered to meet the needs of SMEs seeking to improve their investment readiness.
  • bootcamp
    Bioeconomy Bootcamps
    Through bioeconomy bootcamps SMEs can upgrade their skills by participating in pitching training sessions and interactive workshops.

How do we do it?

  • 01 Self-assessment

    Each interested SME will fill in a profile and fill in a customised self-assessment questionnaire that helps assessing its investment readiness.

  • 02 Assessment by clusters

    Following the self-assessment made by the SME itself, an assessment will be done by the associated cluster to which the SME is related, and another assessment will be made by a second cluster (or an appointed expert)

  • 03 Action plan

    Finally, the two clusters will define together with the SME, based on the three assessments, an action plan with services to be taken by the SME to improve its investor readiness.

Services for Clusters

  • Capacity building programme

    MPowerBIO aims to empower clusters to help their SMEs gain access to funding. To achieve this, have prepared a Cluster Capacity Building Programme. This has been designed to address the most important skills for clusters with respect to effectively engaging with investors and relevant financial instruments, as well as training their SME members to improve their investment readiness and successfully pitch their projects to investors.

    Check out the 13 free online courses which will be given by expert trainers during this year’s Cluster Capacity Building Programme from 07 March – 07 April in our events section.

    MPowerBIO Leaflet

    At the beginning of the project, MPowerBIO partners screened available documentation, analysed the needs and requirements of financial instruments and investors, and ran an online survey to map the skills and skill gaps of SME clusters. Based on these findings, and together with a co-creation workshop, we developed a targeted cluster capacity building programme, which was delivered in spring 2021. Building on the lessons learned and the feedback received, we updated and improved the courses and are now happy to offer the second iteration of the Cluster Capacity Building Programme. Cluster representatives from associated clusters can join the online webinars, build their skillset and make new connections with clusters across Europe.

    Learn more about the benefits of joining in as an associated cluster.

    You can join one webinar of the Cluster Capacity Building Programme before we ask you to become an associated cluster – there are no fees or obligations.