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Pan European event
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Pan European Event
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On 4 October 2021 EIT food organised its Pan European event, as the closing event of a long process of training, advice, and support. The main purpose of the event was to let all the SMEs having missed previous regional events to fully engage with the MPowerBIO activities.

The Pan European sessions have been structured as follows, where the training part was organised in cooperation with EEN:

  1. How to work in cooperation with Europe Enterprise Network (EEN)
    • Tools and services provided to for free to Clusters and SMEs operating in the Bio Based Industries (BBI) by EEN (Technical expertise database demand/offer matchmaking, 
    • Financial EEN partners ​​​​​
    • How to register as partner of EEN
  2. Concrete examples of successful stories of cooperation boosted by EEN
    • Success BBI stories supported by EEN having helped SMEs to come out from the so called ‘’Valley of death’’
  3. SMEs competition
    SMEs underwent a coaching and an evaluation in front of a panel of five among: 1 investor, 2 EEN representatives and 2 EIT food experts.
    • EEN - De Molder Patrick – Vlaio - Belgium
    • EEN - Levin Pan - Institut Jožef Stefan - Slovenia
    • EIT Food - Marie Amman – Innovation manager – CLC Central
    • EIT Food – Angelantonio D’Amario – xKIC Manager – CLC West
    • Alpha Food - George Georgoudis – Greece

The following 3 SMEs were selected by the panel as the most promising within the participants:

Graham Bonwick,  Agrifood Limited
Vincent Farrelly, Niskus Biotec
Joachim Wiest, Cellasys