Bioeconomy Regional Investment Forum

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Bioeconomy Regional Investment Forum
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The best Italian biotech companies meet investors, banks, and venture capital to accelerate the green transition.

Organized by Consorzio Italbiotec in the context of the European project Horizon 2020 BBJU MPowerBIO, the first edition of the Bioeconomy Regional Investment Forum represented an opportunity for ten of the most innovative Italian biotechnology companies to meet investors, financial advisors, venture capital in search of sustainable business models.

After a specialized training to strengthen their internationalization and the ability to attract capitals, the final competition gave space to extraordinary examples of innovation presented by Bict, Packtin, Flanat Research, Bioc-Chem Solution, Biosearch, Algaria in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sector and those of Rewow, AEP Polymers, Vegea, Biopick in that of biomaterials.

Winners of the Forum are Vegea, producer of organic, cruelty-free fabrics obtained from grape marc; Packtin, start-up that converts waste from the food supply chain into biodegradable supplements, gels and coatings and Rewow Srl which gives new life to exhausted cooking oil to produce biopolymers. The three winning companies gained free access to the spaces of BICOWO (, business accelerator of Consorzio Italbiotec and dedicated consulting services.