Associated Clusters

List of Clusters
  • ICT Cluster of Central Serbia's logo
    ICT Cluster of Central Serbia

    ICT Cluster of Central Serbia is a business association which gathers enterprises, institutions and organizations from the ICT sector from the territory of Central Serbia, based in geographical center of Serbia, in the city of Kragujevac. The cluster was established on 21 May 2013 with the goal to support and develop the information and communication technologies sector on the territory of Central Serbia. This goal will be achieved through building capacities and infrastructure of the Cluster to provide support for development of small and medium sized enterprises in the ICT field with the aim to enhance their competitiveness, businesses and visibility on domestic and international markets.

  • ITC Murska Sobota's logo
    ITC Murska Sobota

    ITC - Innovation Technology Cluster Murska Sobota (ITC) is a non-profit Business Support Organization located in North-Eastern part of Slovenia, with a vision to foster cross-sectoral innovation and implementation of novel technologies and ICT in rural-based sectors.  Our main primary focus is to bring together target groups (such as SMEs, food system actors, farmers and other rural actors) and turn them into being ‘’Smart’’, thus creating a unique Europe-wide innovation-based eco-system, supporting the shift towards more resilient, healthy and environmentally, socially, economically sustainable rural areas. ITC is managing the Digital Innovation Hub - DIH AGRIFOOD.

  • Organic Products Cluster's logo
    Organic Product Cluster

    Organic Products Cluster (OPC) is a non-profit, nationwide organisation that has been set up by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece on March of 2006. OPC is an organisation with a vertically integrated structure, which supports all actors involved to the supply and marketing chain of the organic sector (e.g. organic farmers, manufacturing companies, inspection and certification bodies, institutions and organic associations). Furthermore, OPC provides supporting tools and information services for the promotion of the organic products to enterprises and consumers. 

  • TURIZAM's logo

    USAID Developing Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Turizam) is designed to fuel broad-based tourism-driven economic growth and promote social harmony by capitalizing on its rich cultural heritage and distinctive nature. The Activity will support the Bosnia and Herzegovina tourism industry to recover from the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and set it on a robust growth trajectory towards a sustainable tourism economy. It will also expand indigenous agriculture production and related export markets, while preserving cultural and natural assets. USAID aims to advance socioeconomic development, empower youth and women, and spur prosperity across rural and metropolitan areas.

  • Vojvodina Organic Cluster's logo
    Vojvodina Organic Cluster

    Vojvodina organic cluster is an association founded in 2014 with the goal to increase innovation, efficiency and sustainability of organic agriculture in Vojvodina province. This cluster has 65 members: 2 Universities, 2 Faculties, 2 Institutes, Sec.Agric. School, Organic Control System, 8 Organic NGO, 10 Organic Companies and 39 Organic farmers from Vojvodina province. The association’s activities are reflected through the development of new initiatives, exchange of information, marketing and creating networks. The aim of the cluster activity is to achieve favorable conditions for development of innovative activities and operations of all cluster members.

  • CLuBE's logo

    The Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE) is a non-profit company established among local actors and stakeholders of the Region of Western Macedonia, Greece. CluBE emerged since early ’00’s from the continuous collaboration of regional players during previous projects, analysing regional biomass potentials, the core cluster structures, and the regional innovation systems devoted to the energy sector. CLuBE is a platform for cooperation of the three pillars of the regional economy: the public sector, research and entrepreneurship, and it includes 34 members from these fields. 

  • Polo AGRIFOOD's logo

    Polo Agrifood, based in Piedmont, is an aggregate of small, medium and large companies, research centres, universities and laboratories operating in the agri-food sector, with the mission of 1) interpreting the demand for innovation by Piedmontese companies in the agri-food sector, 2) facilitating access to advanced services to improve the competitiveness of the Piedmontese agro-industry in the short and medium term, 3) fostering internationalization to overcome the challenges presented by the evolution of the market trend. It works to support innovation and competitiveness of the agri-food sector by connecting SMEs, innovative start-ups, large companies and research institutions operating in the Piedmontese agri-food sector.

  • Lombardy Green Chemistry Association's logo
    Lombardy Green Chemistry Association

    LGCA is part of the network of Technological Clusters of the Lombardy Region, which involves 50 entities among SMEs and large companies, universities and other public and private research/innovation institutions operating in the bioeconomy sector. LGCA is open to all Lombard subjects interested in the development of the bioeconomy and aims to 1) Create favourable conditions for the development of the bioeconomy at the regional level, 2) Be a point of reference and interlocutor for regional, national and European authorities in the definition and implementation of policies to support innovation in the bioeconomy sector, 3) Establish a common meeting and planning place for all Lombard subjects interested in the topic.


  • Clust-ER Greentec's logo
    Clust-ER Greentec

    Clust-ER Greentech is a community of 80 public and private entities (research centres, companies, training institutions) that share ideas, skills, tools, resources to support the sustainable development and the transition of the regional economy towards a system with a reduced impact on the environment and less dependence on fossil energy sources, favoring a circular approach aimed at closing cycles. It aims among others to support the development of renewable energy sources (electricity, thermal and biofuels) at the regional level and their integration with existing networks and to promote the mitigation of climate change through the development of "low carbon" technologies and the application of innovative solutions for increasing energy efficiency and the "decarbonisation" of all economic sectors. 

  • BioVale's logo

    BioVale promotes the development of Yorkshire and the Humber as an international centre for bioeconomy research and development. Their aim is to establish the region as a world-leading centre for bioeconomy innovation which focuses on renewable raw materials and low-carbon agriculture. In this way, we will stimulate economic growth and support the UN sustainable development goals. Their mission is 1) bring together around 600 members with a shared interest in a greener economy, 2) facilitate networking, dialogue and partnerships among the region’s bio-based researchers, innovators and supply chains, 3) support the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for bio-based products, processes and services, and 4) promote the region nationally and internationally as a place to do bio-based business and R&D.

  • Circular Bioeconomy Cluster South West's logo
    Circular Bioeconomy Cluster South West

    The Circular Bioeconomy Cluster South West develops and promotes the circular bioeconomy across Kerry and Cork in the South West of Ireland. The cluster was launched in 2021 by Munster Technological University (MTU) to accelerate momentum of the growing circular bioeconomy in South-West Ireland. Their aim is to build a thriving ecosystem of industry, SMEs, researchers, and government to create a bio-based economy and support enterprise profit through business opportunities and promotion. The cluster will focus on the aspects of innovation where the region excels in, namely Waste-to-Value and Marine. The cluster programs will among others support businesses with applied innovation, talent and skills development, market research, connections and funding.

  • Environment Park's logo
    Environment Park

    Environment Park is a Science and Technology Park dedicated to the environment and clean technologies. It offers technical consultancy and market solutions on the Green Building (sustainable construction), Plasma Nano-Tech (plasma nanotechnology), Green Chemistry (biomass treatment), Advanced Energy (energy production and storage) and Clean Tech (technology transfer) sectors. Environment Park is currently a privileged interlocutor for companies that invest in innovation thanks to the role of broker of new technologies that has gained over 10 years of experience with the production fabric.


    Born in 2009, the IBIS Consortium (Innovative BIo-based and Sustainable products and processes) is the Piedmontese innovation cluster of Sustainable Chemistry with the aim of networking the skills and experiences of the most innovative chemical companies in the area and stimulating the various actors of the supply chain in order to innovate chemistry and make it more compatible with the environment. IBIS is co-manager of the Piedmontese Innovation Pole CGREEN (Green Chemistry and Advanced Materials), association that brings together 170 entities among SMEs, large companies, universities and research organizations operating in the Piedmont area and beyond. 

  • BIO.NRW's logo

    BIO.NRW is the state’s network for biotechnology in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) and has been active in the field of red and industrial biotechnology for more than 10 years. BIO.NRW activates cooperation between business, research, investors, and policy-makers and act as an umbrella organization on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation, and Energy (MWIDE) of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia. Our activities and services include: Financing, Fairs and Exhibitions, Internationalization and Market entry support, Data & Analysis of Biotech NRW, Marketing & PR, Promotion of young academics.

  • Flanders’ FOOD's logo
    Flanders’ FOOD

    Flanders’ FOOD, the Spearhead Cluster Agrifood of Flanders, is a unique, strategy-driven platform for the facilitation of innovation, thereby contributing to a more competitive, innovative and sustainable agrifood industry. Flanders’ FOOD levers the innovation capacity of the agrifood companies by enhancing their scientific and technological knowledge by means of an integrated approach of knowledge creation, knowledge dissemination and partner matching. This way Flanders’ FOOD also contributes to the economic and social development of the Flanders region and focuses on collaboration across the value chain, cross-border and cross-sectoral.

  • Biotech and Biomedical Cluster of the Balearic Islands' logo
    Biotech and Biomedical Cluster of the Balearic Islands

    The Biotech and Biomedical Cluster of the Balearic Islands BIOIB, is a non-profit association that brings together organizations integrated in the value chain of the biotechnology and bioeconomy sector. Since its creation in 2010, BIOIB has focused its actions on providing services of direct interest to its member companies, focusing especially on actions to promote intersectoral networking and to give support for growth and competitive improvement through various capacity building initiatives and advisory services. We have recently started strengthening capacity in the field of bioeconomy as one of the regional priority areas for knowledge-based investments. 

  • CATAA - Agri-Food Technological Support Center Association's logo
    CATAA - Agri-Food Technological Support Center Association

    CATAA is a private non-profit association established in July 2010. Mostly owned by the Municipality of Castelo Branco, its members are the Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute and the Agro-industrial Cluster Association (InovCluster). CATAA comprises the technological center (Centro de Apoio Tecnológico Agroalimentar) and the Enterprise incubator (Centro de Empresas Inovadoras - CEI). The Association as a whole is dedicated to research, development, process optimization and development of new food products, technological and scientific knowledge transfer, with a primary focus on the agri-food sector, and provides support for farming and food companies in terms of food quality.

  • Wagralim's logo

    Created in 2006, Wagralim is the Agri-Food Innovation Cluster of reference in Wallonia. Representing a complete quadruple helix network with more than 200 members, Wagralim participates and stimulates local agri-food SMEs to be part of international activities and European initiatives. For instance, Wagralim is an active actor in European projects and is part of several European networks, such as: BIC – Bio-based Industries Consortium, EIT – food, NF4, S3food, S3 Smart Sensors 4 agri-food, S3 Nutritional  ingredients.  Wagralim represents >200 local partners from academia, institutions, training centre and >80% are food industries. Furthermore, Wagralim regroups a large European and international network.

  • Reprik's logo

    Founding members of the Interest Association of Legal Entities establish this Association with the aim of continuous development of modern and systemic energy policy and business environment with emphasis on production, distribution, investment development, research, development, education, social development, ecology, transition from linear economy to circular economy and support of competitiveness of Slovak economy.

  • AgroBioCluster's logo

    AgroBioCluster – coordinated by UNIMOS Foundation and part of UNIMOS Alliance -  is an agrofood and bioeconomy cluster created in 2015 and located in Poland. It gathers 53 companies, local government administration, research and scientific institutes and is aimed at stimulating their holistic development and international cooperation, especially via EU projects and innovative initiatives. Awarded with Bronze Label Cluster Excellence, it’s also a co-founder of Eastern European Food Clusters Network. AgroBioCluster is focused on orchestrating cross-border network collaboration, as well as knowledge transfer and cross-industry innovations between traditional (including bio-based) and high-tech sectors. 

  • AgriFood Lithuania's logo
    AgriFood Lithuania

    AgriFood Lithuania is a Digital Innovation Hub that brings together major research, business and public stakeholders in Lithuania for the common pursuit of digital transformations in the agriculture, food and associated sectors. The mission of AgriFood Lithuania DIH is to contribute towards achieving the vision outlined in the EU Declaration of ‘A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas’ and strengthen the national and European technological infrastructure. The DIH links stakeholders with international and cross-sector initiatives to provide all-round support in the research, development and deployment of AgriFood Tech innovations.

  • AseBio's logo

    At AseBio, the Spanish Bioindustry Association, we bring together and represent the interests of companies, associations, foundations, universities, technology and research centers that work in the field of biotechnology in Spain.  Since 1999, we have worked to achieve positive political and economic changes that promote and boost the development of the Spanish biotechnology industry. In order to do this, AseBio works closely with regional, national and European legislative bodies, as well as with all those social organisations that are committed to using biotechnology to improve citizens’ quality of life, environmental sustainability, economic development and skilled job creation.

  • Asincar's logo

    ASINCAR is a Spanish Agrifood Cluster (awarded recently with the Gold label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative) formed by practically 100 members (>95% SMEs) coming from the whole Food value chain. Moreover, ASINCAR is also a Technology Centre. Under any of the roles, main mission is to contribute to the competitiveness and sustainability of the Agrifood companies and their adaptation to future market scenarios through innovation, cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer as well as support for accessing to new markets.

  • AveBiom's logo

    AVEBIOM is the Spanish union of biomass value chain actors. Since 2004 we have been compromised with the continued promotion and development of the biomass utilization in Spain. As biomass national organization we: give visibility to the businesses of our partners; defend their interests; put in contact with potential collaborators; we participate in projects and activities to contribute to the elimination of barriers; disseminate the opportunities and socioeconomic benefits; promote innovation and competitiveness; and provide information about the sector. 

  • Bioeconomy Cluster's logo
    Bioeconomy Cluster

    BEC was established in 2015 as a result of long-term engagement of its representatives in European and national policies in the area of agriculture and food, in networking and supporting of SMEs, as well as in connecting the entities of knowledge triangle. BEC is promoting cooperation of R&D with agri-business.
    The members of BEC are research centers, agricultural university and SMEs operating in the sector of agriculture, food, forestry and other areas such as eco-construction, bio-polymers, phyto-pharmaceuticals, therefore representing wide bioeconomy spectrum. 

  • RAŽ's logo

    Development Agency Žepče (RAŽ) was established by the Municipality of Žepče in 2010 and is 100% owned by the Municipality. It employs 7 highly educated people in three sectors (general affairs sector, entrepreneurship support sector, development and project management sector) and two departments, the Center for Investors and the Business Competence Center. The mission of RAŽ is to develop models with concrete instruments and tools for improving the business environment, developing a competitive economy, and developing a competent workforce in accordance with the needs of the labor market. 


    The BLUEBIO ALLIANCE (BBA) is a national network that includes all subsectors of the marine bioresources value chain in Portugal. It ranges from raw material producers, R&D units, to biotech SMEs, transforming centers and manufacturers, public sector entities and support companies, up to the final consumer product developers. BBA aims at collectively organizing this value chain, to foster its relations and dynamics, leveraging its SMEs growth and accelerating their internationalization by increasing their outreach and exportations, leading to more jobs and value creation for Portugal.

  • BioFoN's logo

    BioFoN is a trend-setting B2B network in the field of bio-based materials. Our basic philosophy "Think Biopolymer!" expresses the vision of a entirely bio-based plastics industry. We are aware of the utopia surrounding an immediate complete switch from petrochemical to bio-based raw materials. Therefore, we address like-minded companies and networks to involve them. It doesn't matter whether they are involved in plastics processing, product manufacturing or come from completely different sectors. Only interdisciplinary collaboration can unleash the full potential of bio-based materials.

  • Croatian Wood Cluster's logo
    Croatian Wood Cluster

    CWC is the oldest industrial cluster in Croatia, established in 2003, by following bottom-up approach. It acts on the national level as a triple-helix organization, connecting all the relevant stakeholders from business, government and R&D sector. Main activities are focused on the EU projects, organization of specialized event and conferences (up to 300+ participants) in Croatia and abroad, development and coordination of promotional campaigns, collaboration with relevant national, European, and international institutions and supporting organizations.

  • ATE Cluster's logo
    ATE Cluster

    A newly established Cluster, in Thessaloniki, Greece, which focuses on agri-food, agrotechnology and agrobiotechnology. The cluster is formed by a number of privately owned companies in collaboration with SEVE (Greek Exporters Association), CERTH (The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas), the Greek-Italian Chamber of Commerce (Thessaloniki Branch) and the American Farm School (Thessaloniki – Research & Education Institute). The vision of ATE Cluster is to become the growth catalyst and reference point of the Agri-food sector in Greece and abroad, utilizing the unique Greek agricultural products and the know-how, innovation and productive capacity of its members, to promote prosperity, healthy Mediterranean diet and sustainable development.

  • ECOPANONIA's logo

    Our cluster has a goal to affirm the use of ecological energy sources, as well as to spread the knowledge of the availability, advantages and social-, ecological- and corporate benefits from adequate exploitation of renewable energy sources. We connect members, supporting organizations and other stakeholders on a local, intra-regional, inter-regional, national and European level. We find inspiration and financial support in local and EU institutions. We have been active since July 29th, 2011 with headquarters in Novi Sad – the administrative center of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the most developed region in Serbia.

  • Meraki People's logo
    Meraki People

    “Meraki People” is a purpose driven for profit regenerative pilot community supported by S.T.E.A.Ms business. People with enterprising minds full of Passion-Dexterity-Commitment-Focus convene in the village of Agiannis to develop concrete action perspectives that steward nature. The local community bio and fab lab nodes will be housed in the old, deserted school and a food forest around it. Water, Food and Energy autonomy are sought of for a net zero mindset. “Meraki People” form teams with the locals, prototype products and services with future proof materials orientation. They write the protocol of a new regenerative community digitally and on location.

  • EUVITA Cluster's logo
    EUVITA Cluster

    Euvita Cluster is organised on the territory of Northwest Croatia with the purpose of achieving programme aims of rural development and to connect small and medium enterprises in programmes of development of production and processing of agricultural products and rural tourism in accordance with the notion of sustainable development. Its particular programme activity is creating pre-conditions for innovative programmes of development through the development of international cooperation, inter-sectoral and transnational cluster collaboration and partnership relationships.

  • Green Synergy Cluster's logo
    Green Synergy Cluster

    Green Synergy Cluster is a non-government organization for non-profit purpose. It is a cluster network dedicated to the sustainable innovations development, while concentrating companies, research entities and institutions developing and promoting Smart cities concepts, Nearly zero energy buildings (nZEBs), Sustainable energy planning, Energy efficiency and energy savings, Renewable energies, Natural resource efficiency, Circular economy and Eco innovations. The primary goal of the cluster is to enhance the competitiveness of its eco-system through facilitation, development and implementation of innovative and R&D projects. 

  • IBB Netzwerk GmbH's logo
    IBB Netzwerk GmbH

    Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB Netzwerk GmbH) is a network and service company in the field of Industrial Biotechnology and sustainable economy. The company's objective is to support market participants in the rapid and effective implementation of promising scientific findings from these fields into innovative, marketable products and processes and thus into efficient value creation. In January 2020, IBB Netzwerk GmbH was appointed as head office of the new cluster platform "Industrial Biotechnology" within the cluster initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.